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Same person - multiple okta domains? fake email?

Hello, I am provisioning a consultant (email=A@A.COM) to a new okta domain:   Consultant is already using his email address on okta for his other client (okta

My  initial thought was to create a "fake email" as the consultant's okta login for   Unfortunately, the email with activation URL goes to the fake email, with no way for me to view, right?   Or is the scope of the userid limited to the domain such that he can use the same userid (email) for and for and be provisioned differently for each?   If yes, how would that work for MFA because (for example) Google Authenticator seems to link to email.  
James GarvinJames Garvin (Okta)
You can reuse the same email addresss, the username just has to be unique.  For instance the email can be used over and over, but the username can only be used once, so you'd need for a second username and so on.  
Wils DawsonWils Dawson (Okta, Inc.)
You can also use the same username in different Okta orgs. For example, you can have a user in as well as in As James mentioned, you can also have the email be different from the username used to login, depending on your configuration. The uniqueness constraint is for usernames within an given organization.

Hope that helps,