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Ping Federate to Spring SAML

I am very new to okta, and i needed to implement SSO for one of our clients, who want to federate into our Spring application.
1. I have added a IDP on okta
2. I have created a application on okta and linked it to a sample spring application codebase.

What are the next steps ?
1. How will the IDP talk to my application ?
2. Which metadata should i give to the IDP ?
3. Where in the architecture does okta come ?
4. is it IDP -> okta -> Spring application ?
5. Will my Spring application always talk to only okta, and not IDP directly ?
6. Is SOC2 reports part of every paid plan ?

Any help here will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance. 

Jaypee ManansalaJaypee Manansala (Okta)
Hi Tarun,

Thanks for posting your inquiry in Okta Community Support Portal.

Below are my answers into your inquiries:
1. It will be an Inbound SAML to Okta from an extenal IdP
Article: Confifure Inbound SAML
2. Okta metadata
3. It will act as a service provider where the app saml trust relationship is configured in Okta
4. Yes. 3rd party IdP > Okta > application
5. Trust relationship is configured between Okta and the application
6. I think so but you can verify this thru your Okta representative


Hey JPM,
Thanks a lot for all the details. This really helps.
Can you please also point me to any documentation regarding configuring saml trust relationship between my app and Okta ?
Also, I do not have a Okta representative, is there any way i can get in touch with them ?
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)


Thanks for posting your inquiry in Okta Community Portal.

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Thank you,

Dylann Fezeu
Okta Help Center Team