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Chris DuncanChris Duncan 

two separate G Suite instances as profile masters

I haven't seen anything that says you cannot, but is there any limitation or restriction on using two unique G Suite instances as profile masters into one Okta instance?
Ciprian SamihaianCiprian Samihaian (Okta, Inc.)
My name is Ciprian from Okta Customer Support.
Sure, you can have two GStuite instances as Profile Masters. There is no limitation. 

In case you'll have a user in both GSuite instances, that particular user will be mastered by the GSuite instances which is on top of the other, on the Profile Master list in Okta (Directory > Profile Master).

In order to set up your second G Suite domain with Okta, with SSO and provisioning, you only have to add a second G Suite application in Okta (from your Admin Console -> Applications -> Add Application); this new app has to be configured using the information from your second G Suite tenant. In this way, you'll have two G Suite applications in Okta, one for every of your G Suite instances.
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Ciprian Samihaian
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)

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