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Cameron FoxlyCameron Foxly 

Why does the chrome extension slow browsing terribly?

My company uses Okta to login in to our various services, and I had noticed that Chrome had been moving super slow on large pages. Scrolling, typing, and just general responsivenes of the browser came to a frustrating crawl. I noticed it particularly on long image-heavy Github issue threads, but it seems to be anywhere that the page has a lot to load. Then, I found that if I disabled the Okta Chrome extension, that behavior stopped. 

So, I ask, what is it about the extension that is slowing my work down. I've had to uninstall the extension and just use the web-based login. I also notice lots of people complaining in the chrome store reviews along the same lines. Is this problem solvable? Or do I just have to not use the extension?
Fabian BahnaFabian Bahna (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Cameron, please open a ticket with Okta support with the following content. The Chrome and Okta plugin versions, screenshots with the Plugin task and the memory used in Chrome. It will be great if we can see what is actually taking so long to load. That can be seen if you open a Developer console in Chrome (by pressing F12) and under network we should see what is taking that long to load. Also please do the same with just Okta plugin disabled in Chrome. Leave all the other extensions enabled (not from incognito window)
Cameron FoxlyCameron Foxly
Thanks for the response, Fabian. Where do I open a ticket? All the "support..." links on the Okta page direct me to the questions forum...

Also, the problem isn't a slow load. It's slow performance, once it's already loaded. I think the performance profile is going to be more useful than the network log. 
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)

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