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Proxy settings

Can proxy settings can be pushed to iPhones by Okta Mobile Management? Okta mobile app uses a default browser and we need to push the traffic through ZScaler cloud proxy to restrict access from mobile device to unauthorized destinations.
Silviu MuraruSilviu Muraru (Okta, Inc.)
Hi, Alex!

At the moment we have no way of implementing application proxies and gateways or the settings that come within, but we can push a VPN profile.

Okta Mobility Management (OMM) ( ) can now provision VPN configurations directly to devices without requiring IT to duplicate infrastructures or implement application proxies and gateways.

Okta is now using the native VPN capabilities built into the mobile operating system to leverage customers and existing VPN solutions and enable easy access to on-premises resources.

Let me also link some additional information for you, below:

Wish you all the best in your work!

Thank you,

Silviu Muraru
Technical Support Engineer | Okta