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Davorin Kozul (Okta)Davorin Kozul (Okta) 

App link for SP initiated SSO

Is it possible to change the link that the App Icon is set in a SP initaiated SSO. The SSO works fine with the SP link but the app Icon does not work as it is setup as an IDP link.
Anghel IonescuAnghel Ionescu (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Davorin, 
for now the only option is to add a Bookmark App with the URL for the SP initiated flow. Although not the ideal solution, as it introduces more complexity in the managemet, it's the only one. 
I'd like to encourage you to upvote the Idea linked below  get more consideration for future implementations.

Davorin Kozul (Okta)Davorin Kozul (Okta)
Hi Anghel, I do not see Add Bookmark App anywhere. Can you please direct me to it? Regards, Davorin Kozul Systems Administrator Advisor Enterprise Technology 214.494.3055 office 214.310.2798 cell [] Please consider the environment before printing this email.