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Pallavi ThotaPallavi Thota 

Okta and Active Directory

we are implementing an application that will authenticate and authorize against Okta .  These user base will also be in the external AD
Some of these users will also be portal users.  When a user is created in portal through the portal admin features does that user get create in the external AD and placed within  the security rolls (entitlements)  that are also in external AD.
Are the entitlement groups presented to the portal admin when entitling a user synchronized with the external AD security groups? If so , what is the lag time
Alexandru PredaAlexandru Preda (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Pallavi,

If my understanding of your desired setup is correct this should be possible, and the lag should be a matter of seconds .

However, for us to offer you a confirmation on this, we would need more details on what you are trying to accomplish, the application your are implementing and the exact setup, so I would recommend you opening a ticket where we can further discuss this.

Thank you,
Alexandru Preda
Technical Support Agent | Okta Inc

Pallavi ThotaPallavi Thota
We would be creating new security groups in external AD
These groups would determine what menus (entitlements)  are visible to the authenticated user.   The application is not a  portal application like customer care is.  It is a standalone application.
We just want to authenticate and authorize via Okta using these external AD groups