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David LevinsonDavid Levinson 

background image error

Hi. I tried to upload a background image to our login page. I get the following error: 
User-added image

The background image is a 37kb Jpeg so I don't think it's related to size. Here's the page I'm working on:


Marian ChirvasaMarian Chirvasa (Okta, Inc.)
In which browser is this issue happening? have you tried reproducing this in another browser? And if issue still occurs, can you try with another picture? Is issue still persists, please use the developer tool on Chrome (press F12) and reproduce this issue. There should be an error, or at least a reason for this, and strongly reccomend to open a support ticket with us and we shall help you et this issue sortet. 
Thank you.   
David LevinsonDavid Levinson
Thanks for your response. Suddenly it started working. Not sure what the deal was but we were able to upload a background image and it's working. Thanks again.