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Aimee SwindallAimee Swindall 

Sign on page customization

Is there a way to customize the verbiage on the sign on page?  Currently, it indicates "You don't have any apps.  Please contact <email address> for assistance.  And then an Add Apps button.

The user does have an application because I set them up associated to a group that has assigned applications.  We are using Okta to adminstrate users for our proprietary application.  After they create an Okta account, they are taken to the sign on page, but it might be confusing and I'd like to direct/inform them that they can now log into our application.
Bogdan MusatBogdan Musat (Okta, Inc.)
Thank you for reaching out to Okta, my name is Bogdan.
At this time unfortunately, we do not have such a feature. I believe however, this is quite a viable Feature that would be great to implement in the future. I'd like to encourage you to upvote the following idea ( that was posted on our community page.
Your upvote will give this idea a better visibility with fellow Okta Customers as they can upvote the Feature Request to get more consideration for future implementations.
Aimee SwindallAimee Swindall
Is there a way to do this through the Okta API at least?