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Rohit RoyRohit Roy 

MFA for change password

Hi have enabled MFA such that if users are in the network then he is not prompting for MFA but if he is outside the network then he is prompting for MFA.
I want to enable one more thing, if users are on network then while changing the password he should not be prompting for MFA but when users are of network then for changing the password users should be prompting for MFA.
In my case it is happening opposite. I have tried adding the rule as in-zone,anywhere and not in zone but I am facing same issue . Can anyone help me solving this issue???

Thanks in advance
Emanuel CostisorEmanuel Costisor (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Rohit,

If I understood the issue correctly, you want user password changes to be protected by MFA off network, but not on network.

MFA is only applied on user login, based on configured policies, OR when the user accesses their own Okta profile page 15 minutes after they logged in.

While you can allow users to change passwords only on certain conditions (on/off network), there is no setting that allows configuration of the MFA prompt for password changes.

Best regards,