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Victor GradoVictor Grado 

Mapping groups to applications

I am trying to map/assign groups to applications but I dont see an obvious way to do it... i am kind of new using Okta SDK, so I'd appreciate any pointers, ideas...
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Victor

Have you seen the support link for groups as a whole

If you scan down to find the text "Assigning Applications by Group" that should help to describe the options for you.


Victor GradoVictor Grado
Thanks… I was looking for API support though. I already managed to web scrape the functionality but want to do it using the Python SDK preferably… ☺ Also, is there a similar page for assigning Roles to Apps? (on AWS). I assume it will be less support as far as API is concerned, Best, - Victor