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Import G Suite Custom Attributes


Is it possible to map G Suite custom attributes ( within Okta?

After adding a custom attribute on the G Suite side, I've attempted to add the attribute within Okta's Profile Editor for G Suite, but I'm unable to make any custom attributes appear within the attribute list.

1. Add custom attribute via G Suite Admin (per article linked above)
2. On Okta side, select Profile Editor -> G Suite -> Profile
3. Add Attribute
4. Refresh attribute list within "Pick Schema Attributes" dialog
5. No custom attributes will appear
Jorge RosasJorge Rosas (Okta, Inc.)
Thanks for reaching out with your question. With regards to the problem you are experiencing, we have noticed there is a discrepancy between attributes created in the Google Apps Admin UI, and the Google Apps API. The section of the Okta Google Apps Deployment Guide, "Google API / UI Attribute Inconsistency" explains this in greater detail:
It appears that *some* attributes values edited in the UI do not match exactly with the corresponding values in the API. Okta imports attributes using the API. This is most likely where your attribute mapping is failing. There is a workaround offered in the documentation that uses GAM, a Google Apps command-line admin tool, to edit the attributes values so that Okta can attempt to import them. If you would like further assistance on getting this configured, please create a support case so we can work with you on getting this configured. Thanks for reaching out to Okta Support and have a great day!

Jorge Rosas
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care