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Rohit RoyRohit Roy 

Multifactor authentication

I have implemented multifactor authentication and selected sms required option
but when I tried to login I am unable to configure my India phone number,it is showing following error:
"Only numbers located in US and Canada are allowed. Contact your administrator if this is a problem."

Now  I  got stucked and not able to log in to my okta org. please help me to to resolve the issue.
Mel HollowayMel Holloway (Okta, Inc.)
Currently international SMS is a licence SKU, you will need to speak to your account manager to work out the commercail implications before that can be enabled. Thanks for the question
Rohit RoyRohit Roy
I am using e free trial. Is that the reason this is showing me or it will show to all licensed and free accounts??
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Rohit

This will be the case for all licensed and free accounts. As Mel said this is not a free service outside of US and Canada, and therefore needs a feature flag enabled to switch this functionality on as international SMS charges are incurred.