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Av ShchAv Shch 

Okta features road map presentations

There are a lot of Okta features  in GA, wich we are not aware of as a customer.
Could Okta run features road maps presentations on demand?
Evan AlterEvan Alter (Okta, Inc.)
Alex -
Thanks for contacting Okta. Although Customer Support does not offer on-demand presentations for product releases and fetaures, I encourage you to contact your Account Manager if you require something like this.


Evan Alter
Senior Technical Support Engineer
Av ShchAv Shch
Wouldyou be able to place the list of features on-line? This will simplify conversations with account managment team. Thanks,
Av ShchAv Shch
Looks like Okta released Okta Product Roadmap site available at https://support.okta.com/help/OktaProductRoadMap