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Linlin ZhuLinlin Zhu 

unable to find OpenID Connect application in my applications


I've created a application using OpenID Connect Client, however I'm unable to find it in My Applications tab. I've also checked it in Self Service Applications, it says "This app is ineligible for self-service". Is there a way to show it up in My Application tab?

Adrian MocanuAdrian Mocanu (Okta, Inc.)
Thank you for reaching out to Okta Support, my name is Adrian and I'll be handling your case. 
If the app was created by you as an admin, in order to be able to see the application on the My Application page you need to assign it to yourself.

From the My Application page, in the application section you can only add OAN applications, not apps that were created by you.
Linlin ZhuLinlin Zhu
Hi Adrian,

Thank you for replying me.
I'm the admin of my organization. I've created other apps using saml and I can see them in My Applications section. However, this time we switch to openid apps, I followed the some steps as I did for saml apps, but I cannot see it anywhere which makes it impossible to test.
So in this case, I have to create saml custom apps so that I can see it from My Application section?

Assaf Packin DEVAssaf Packin DEV

We're running into the same issue.

I created a new application for Mighy Network that uses OpenId Connection. I assigned it to myself, but when I view My Applications it is not included as an option (only the apps we created using SAML are).

I've tested that the auth flow is working correctly when redirected by Might Network to sign in, we're just missing the tile on the My Application page to direct users to Mighty Network.

If someone comes up with a solution please let me know! 




Assaf Packin DEVAssaf Packin DEV

I also noticed that in the General Settings for our SAML apps there is a App Settings section that inludes Application visibility and Auto-launch options that are absent from the OpenID Connect app.

Perhaps there is somewhere I need to uncheck the 'Do not display application icon to users' for my OpenID Connection app that I'm not seeing?

Assaf PackinAssaf Packin

We ended up paying for OKTA support to get this figure out.

For anyone else struggling:

OIDC App displaying as a tile is currently only Supported for “Implicit Flows” and if you use Login Initiated by “Okta or App” as show in screenshots below.
For other Flows, you will need to use bookmark Apps –
Under the app General settings click "Implicit Flow"Toggle "Login initiated by" and "Display application icon to users"


Linlin ZhuLinlin Zhu
Thanks Assaf.

I then chose to use bookmark app instead for my project.