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Katheryna RojasKatheryna Rojas 

shared calendar


We need a shared calendar, which would not be tied to a particular persons, from where everyone can schedule meetings, inviting other people. The shared calendar might be the organisator, but does not have to be necessary part of the meeting. This in regard to the fact, that multiple people might schedule meetings at the same time slot.

How can this be solved?


Silviu MuraruSilviu Muraru (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Katheryna,

If you refer to the actual action of scheduling a meeting from the signature of an engineer, for a specific case, then what you can do is to submit a feature request right here:

If someone is locking a timeframe, then yes, another admin from some other case won't be able to schedule a meeting at the same time. But if cases are different, then problem discussed in the meetings should be different as well.
In case you need to invite other people that you know on that meeting you scheduled, then you can send them a link from the Zoom program that we use for meetings. Once you get inside a meeting you can copy a URL/invitation and send it over to other people you want to join.

Wish you all the best in your work!

Thank you,

Silviu Muraru
Technical Support Engineer | Okta