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Rohit RoyRohit Roy 

Okta Mobility management

I have added certificate for iOS device in my Okta org successfully. After that I have downloaded the Okta mobile app in my iOS device and provided the okta org url and user credentials. After setting the pin I was not prompting for installing new iOS configuration file,thus not ben able to enroll my device. I am directly logged into my Okta org.
Can anyone help me solving this issue?

Thanks in advance...
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Rohit

Have you created a policy under "Devices", "Mobile Policies"? It sounds like the user that you have logged in with is not being prompted for the registration flow.

Create yourself a policy, and assign it to say a group of OMM Users. If you're a member of that group, the Policy will get triggered and you'll be prompted to register your device.
User-added image
Rohit RoyRohit Roy
If I add a policy according to your instruction should I be able to this page?(currently I am not able to see this)

User-added image
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner (Okta, Inc.)
Correct, if you're in the group associated to the policy (in my case OMM Users), you should trigger the policy to get that "Install Profile" option.
Rohit RoyRohit Roy
Thanks Kevin it worked now I am able to see the enrolled device in my Okta org but it is showing un-encrypted. Is it some kind of issue?
Rohit RoyRohit Roy
Hi Kevin I am not able to do forget password from my mobile devices.Do I have to add a policy or rule for that?
Global AdminGlobal Admin
when I am registering my device then it is showing un-encrypted in Okta, why this kind of error is coming???
Anyone having any idea please help me.
Thanks in advance