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Ayush AgarwalAyush Agarwal 

okta ad agent offiec365

i have no server os installed to my pc so can you please suggest me any other option which can help me to deploy office 365 .


please reply soon, your reply will be valuable for me 

Kevin TurnerKevin Turner (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Ayush

You can creat users natively in the Okta service without the need to have an on-premise server like Active Directory for example. Okta has it's own user store, and from this we can create and manage users in cloud applications such as O365.

Does this help answer your question? Thanks
Theo ChimbgaTheo Chimbga
Hi Ayush,

You can also bulk import users into Okta using CSV file as per the instructions at https://help.okta.com/en/prev/Content/Topics/Directory/Directory_People.htm?cshid=Directory_People#Importing