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Connie DeCinkoConnie DeCinko 

How to integrate with ColdFusion

We are about to launch Okta for single sign on of all our our third party and in-house apps.  We still have some key apps written in ColdFusion 8.  Anyone have experience or pointers?  Our current login, after authenticating the user, basically just sets some session variables to indicated logged in and hold some values about the user.  I'm thinking that we can direct to an action page after login via the Okta Sign In Widget that would post to a ColdFusion page and set those session variables.
Anghel IonescuAnghel Ionescu (Okta, Inc.)
I'm sorry, but we do not have any example code for using the Okta API via ColdFusion. 

That said, I suggest looking for other resources that will show you how to use ColdFusion to make requests against an HTTP API that uses JSON payloads, here are some pages that I was able to find searching Google for "coldfusion http request parse json":