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John NickellJohn Nickell 

How to control provisioning order

Is there a way that we can control the provisioning order that Okta uses for a newly created user?  The situation that we are running into, is that we have provisioning enabled for Office365 and for Box.  
Once a user is activated in Okta, we do not know which order the user's accounts will be provisioned in. If the Box account is provisioned prior to the O365 account being provisioned (which is likely the case). Box sends welcome emails to the user's mailbox which likely doesn't exist yet.  This results in their email address being put on a suppression list and the user will not get any other notifications from Box until an admin requests that the email address be removed from the suppression list. 

Is there anyway within Okta's framework to order this?  Perhaps putting a 15 minute delay between provisioning steps, and making O365 the first step?

I realize that we could create our user in two steps, the O365 part, and then the Box permissions, but automating that way would be more complex than just being able to implement a delay within stages on Okta.
Anghel IonescuAnghel Ionescu (Okta, Inc.)
Hi John,
at the moment, the current mechanism, when there is an automation in place, will push all the provisioning jobs at once and they will be queued and processed in order of the queue. Unfortunately, this is not controlable at the Okta level.
John NickellJohn Nickell
Is there a possiblity that this kind of functionality is in the works? This forces us to create our users in two stages.