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Joost KoiterJoost Koiter 

Group membership rule errors

New to Okta, trying out group membership rules. According to, "Any function supported in Okta Expression Language." is supported. But when I enter this as a rule (just as an experiment):
Convert.toInt('1') > 0
I get an error:
Unsupported expression constructs are used in expression Convert.toInt('1') > 0
What am I missing? Thanks!
Alexandru BungauAlexandru Bungau (Okta, Inc.)
Hello J.K., can you tell me exactly what are you trying to achieve with that expresion
Alexandru BungauAlexandru Bungau (Okta, Inc.)
Here is some documentation regarding OKTA expression language
Joost KoiterJoost Koiter
With that particular expression? A boolean result of true, and that any user will match the rule. This is just an experiment. But if this simple expression doesn't work, more complex (and useful) ones surely won't either. And I read the docs.
Read only AdminRead only Admin
Hi JK,

This is a perfect question you have asked.
Here is the solution for your query
'Convert.toInt('1')' > 0
'Convert.toInt('1')' > '0'
Because return type of Convert is Integer and that comparision not gonna work her. So convert that way. Hope this satisfied your query.
Read only AdminRead only Admin
If not you can try "Convert.toInt('1')" > 0. Sometimes copy paste wont work i suggest to type :)
Joost KoiterJoost Koiter
Unfortunately that doesn't work, Yogendra. It should be treated as an expression, not a quoted string literal.