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Mike GoyMike Goy 

Application not logging User in

One of our adminstrative applications is not allowing a user to login. All other Okta applications are working as expected: when the User opens the web app from Okta or lands on the URL recognized by Okta, the browser plugin (chrome) will pop up and log the user in automatically.

This only started happening a week ago. The only thing I can think of is that the user clicked "Never sign me in" this this specific application by accident. If this is the case, I don't see where this can be reset? I've tried removing and adding the application back, but the same issue still is occurring.

Anyone have a similar problem?
Mike GoyMike Goy
Here is a screenshot of what I believe this user clicked to cause the behavior mentioned above:User-added image
Jason FareJason Fare
I've done this with one of my own apps and haven't figured out how to get it back.  I'll be opening a ticket with Okta soon to get this answered.
Mike GoyMike Goy
There's actually a solution, which Okta has provided me (I had forgotten to update this page). Steps below:

For Google Chrome
There's a way to clear the data in Chrome as well, here are the steps:
1. Go to Chrome menu > 2. More tools > 3. Click on Extensions > 4.Enable Developer mode > 5. Click on "background.html”.
After you clicked on the "background.html" go to Application > Local Storage > Click on chrome-extension and then right click and Clear. If right-clicking doesn’t work, you can click on the Clear Storage, and select Local and session storage under the Storage section.

For Internet Explorer:
Remove the persistent file from <user_home_dir>\AppData\LocalLow\Okta\IE Plugin\persistent_x86.