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bhargav mushinibhargav mushini 

OKTA to Taleo SAML Configuration

Hi everyone i a new to OKTA.I am try to establish SSO to my Taleo org using okta.Login page based on Okta cerdentials is good after that page related to Taleo is not loging is giving error.Can anyone help me with this please.

This is the error..

After sucessfull login using okta cerdentials from redireted to this url


Not Found
The requested URL /sp/ACS.saml2 was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
VictorVictor (Okta, Inc.) 
Hello and thank you for reaching Okta Support! Are you using the application from our catalog or just implemented this using application integration wizard?
Could you review again your application based on the instructions under the Sign On tab?
Also the following endpoint is not on the server: https://chsso.tbe.taleo.net/sp/ACS.saml2
Stephen BushStephen Bush
Have a simliar issue, different URL but same using the Commmunity App (not Okta verified) as the Okta verified app appears to use SAML 1.1 and not 2.0. Not sure if it matters.  Ran the wizard per support suggestion. Dead end thus far.