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Jeremy SpraderJeremy Sprader 

Disabling Company SSO on Computer


Is there a way to disable a network's SSO configuration on a single computer? A user is using his personal laptop on our company network and is unable to use Okta because his computer is not on the domain and it automatically tries to authenticate using SSO.


Thomas KirkThomas Kirk (Okta, Inc.)
Hey Jeremy,

He can login to okta using the default login page. The url is: https://org.okta.com/login/default
Jeremy SpraderJeremy Sprader
How? We use an organization sign-in. I've tried both username, email, and domain\username and none have worked
Phil BraderPhil Brader
Mak sure the user is activated first. I also suggest in the setup for IWA setting the /login/default as the failure and logout pages. This should force the users laptop to the login page.