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John PetersonJohn Peterson 

Using Okta with Android wear


According to the bottom of this page (, I should be able to get (and accept or cancel) Okta sign-in notifications on my Android Wear watch. I know it works with the iWatch, but the app doesn't show up on my Moto 360. I'd love to avoid digging my phone out of my pocket to sign in every day. The watch works great with Google Authenticator and Symantec VIP (hint hint).

Does anybody have this working?

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0
Phone app: Okta 2.8.0-20800054 (latest in Google Play store)
Watch: Moto 360
Watch OS: Android Wear
Cosmin OlteanuCosmin Olteanu (Okta, Inc.)
Please ensure that your notifications and permissions are "allowed" for Okta Verify on the phone app that controls the watch.

Once there is no restrictions on the phone controlling the watch, you should be able to see Okta Verify on the watch and open it as per our documentation.

Thank you for choosing Okta
John PetersonJohn Peterson
Okta Verify on the phone definitely has notifications on (works fine). I checked the permissions in the app manager, and it lists:
  • take pictures & video (enabled)
  • find accounts on device (enabled)
  • control vibration
  • have full network access
  • prevent phone from sleeping
  • receive data from Internet
Anything else to check? (note I'll be out of the office for a few weeks in July, so subsequent responses may be delayed).

John PetersonJohn Peterson
Update: After rebooting the watch, the app shows up there now.  However, when I try to launch the app on the watch, it fails after a few seconds with "Unfortunately, Okta Verify has stopped."
John PetersonJohn Peterson
Update #2: If I open the watch app after there is an approval notification pending, then it does seem to work!  So at least I can handle push notifications with the watch.

(It'd still be nice if it displayed the rolling code number, a la Authenticator and VIP.)