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Andrey BabenkovAndrey Babenkov 

apache windows saml


Could you help me out?
How I could adjust saml with apache (windows 8).

Thanks in advance!
Florin ManeaFlorin Manea (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Andrey,

Depending on your use case this may be possible. One example would be integrating your application with mod_auth_mellon Apache module. In this case MellonEndpointPath and the directory which Mellon is protecting should be different hence why editing
the configuration file for your web server would be required. Depending on the Apache distribution, it could be named '/etc/apache/httpd.conf' or something simillar. This scenario would also require you to add a LoadModule directive
for mod_auth_mellon which will look simillar to:  LoadModule auth_mellon_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_auth_mellon.so To find the full path to mod_auth_mellon.so, which allows you to run: 


This would print the path where Apache stores modules , mod_auth_mellon.so will be stored in that directory. You would also need to ensure that Apache's authn_core modile as well as authz_user are enabled. following the addition of the
LoadModule directive, you must add the configuration for mod_auth_mellon.

Additional information on this can be found in the following article: https://github.com/UNINETT/mod_auth_mellon

If your use case is different please contact Okta Support for more information. 

Thank You,

Florin Manea
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care