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Christian MarianoChristian Mariano 

Users assigned to application

Is there a way to run a report to get all users assigned a specific application?
We have application "Dropbox" and would like the total number of users assigned this app.

Florin ManeaFlorin Manea (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Christian,

Thank you for contacting Okta Support. You may run a report to assess the current number of users assigned to a specific application by navigating to > Reports > Reports > Specify the application name within the 'Application' Field and select the desired group, or 'All users' as per your preference, followed by the time date range selection and choosing > Run Report. This report can also be downloaded in a CSV format. Please let me know if you have  any additinal questions I may address.

Thank You,

Florin Manea
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
Ovidiu DiaconeasaOvidiu Diaconeasa
This is sort of let's see who logged in and accessed the application, but is there a way to just export users assigned to an app? In my case, I need to first see who has access and then check on the aplication end to see what kind of access.
Thank you.

Ovidiu Diaconeasa
Larry CortezLarry Cortez
No reply to your question?  I have the same request.