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Greg HowleyGreg Howley 

Google group assignment problem

I am trying to edit the assignment for a specific AD group to map to a specific Google OU, but the dropdown menu in the Edit dialogue does not present me with the OU I want.  How do I get this menu to match the Organizations available in Google?
Greg HowleyGreg Howley
So I found this in the okta documentation:
Google Organizational Units (OUs)
Google Organizational Units (OUs) are typically used to grant access to various resources within Google Apps, such as access to Drive, Gmail, Calender, and Google Apps Marketplace. A user can only be assigned to one OU at one time. OUs are different from Google Groups, which are email aliases used as listservs.
Okta automatically imports valid OU values from Google Apps. An OU value is simply represented as a user attribute in Okta. Okta can provision a user with an OU value and subsequently push changes to Google Apps.
So my instance is not "automatically" importing the newly created OU from Google.  How do I troubleshoot this?
Steven FrerkingSteven Frerking
We're having the same issue. Have you found a way to solve this by any chance?
Greg HowleyGreg Howley
Not yet.  We mapped the attribute to another available field, then our google admin did some magic on his end.  Now we are having the issue again with what I thought would be a common attribute - Employee Number.  Google has this attribute.  AD has this attribute.  I can map from AD to OKTA, but not from OKTA to Google.   I tried using the Refresh Application Data button on the application tab, but no improvement.
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