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Shannon HernandezShannon Hernandez 

How can I confirm if we use a SP Initiated SAML login for an App?

Salesforce is retiring the use of the client certification this coming August. I need to confirm if we use a SP-Initiated SAML login when we use Okta to log into Salesforce from the Application Page. And if it uses Identity Provider validation.
Alexandru PredaAlexandru Preda (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Shannon,

Here are some details to help you confirm which flow you are using.
An SP -Initiated flow is when you go to your SP page (Salesforce), enter your email/password and you are redirected to Okta for authentication. When using Sp-initiated flow, Salesforce redirects you to Okta to login, then the SAML assertion is being sent from Okta to Salesforce and you are logged in into Salesforce. 
An IDP-Initiated flow is when you go to Okta and click the Salesforce chiclet to login.

Thank You,

Alexandru Preda
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
Shannon HernandezShannon Hernandez
Hi Alexandru, Thanks for getting back to me. It sounds like we use the IDP-Initiated flow. Our users log into Okta and click on a Salesforce icon on the Okta page to launch the application. Okta has the username and password so it automatically signs the user in. Do you know if we additionally use an SP-Initiated login flow that allows Salesforce to reach out to our IDP? Salesforce told us to confirm that as well because that was still be impacted by this update in August. Please advise. Thank you, Shannon Hernandez| IT Administrator Montesquieu Winery | San Diego Office 8221 Arjons Drive Suite F, San Diego, CA 92126 {877} 705-5669 Ext. 0755 | Direct: {858} 251-0755 | [MQ_Logo_sm][FB_Logo_sm]
Dave PaulsonDave Paulson
Alexandru was there any follow-up to Shannon's latest question?  We have the same question.