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Nicole DotyNicole Doty 

Replace OpenLDAP with Okta

We are looking for a way to remove our dependency on OpenLDAP for our Linux enviroment, and go to Okta (something like the service Jumpcloud offers). Has anyone had success with Okta in this space?
James BrischJames Brisch
Are you looking for desktop control, or just directory services?  Okta will do directory services, but has no way to do enforcement of endpoint policy.
Nicole DotyNicole Doty
just directory services.  Our OpenLdap boxes feel like a duplication of effort and I'm having challenges understanding how to turn them off in favor of Okta.  If you could point me in the direction of documentation, I'd appreciate it!
Eric TiptonEric Tipton
Curious about this as well.
Sean YoungSean Young
I don't think Okta has Directory Services yet.  They are working on getting LDAP working but haven't released it.