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Gavril StanceaGavril Stancea 

Has anyone integrated IBM Cognos BI with OKTA?

are trying to integrate IBM Cognos BI 10.2.1 with Okta as this is our standard now.
Has this been done? Is it possible? Can you assist?
Jerrell GaryJerrell Gary (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Gavril,

Okta does offer a special service which is call Professional Services.

Our Professional Service team specializes in implementation.

Here is a Link for additional information about our Professional Service offering. 

Edward HollidayEdward Holliday (Okta, Inc.)
where is your IBM Cognos hosted? is it legacy on-premise (your environment) or hosted for you in the IBM Cloud ? you can work out the answer by checking the current login URL of Cognos .... if it ends in "analytics.ibmcloud.com" then it is a Cognos hosted in IBM's SaaS

Also you may have a sign in page like this - https://idaas.iam.ibm.com/

IBM uses IBMID to provide authentication - and this can be pointed at Okta on a mail domain by domain basis (so all your employees) so that this way they are all redirected to the Okta IdP
This is a form of 'inbound SAML'

You can raise a ticket with IBM and tell them you want support setting up SSO with Okta as the IdP for IBMID

I have also seen SAML configured for Identity Providers like Okta before - directly in the Websphere SAML SP settings tab.

So there will be a few options....