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Av ShchAv Shch 

Okta integration with Sailpoint

Can we integrate Okta with SailPoint (iDP)? 
Neal TilleryNeal Tillery (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Al,

If your question is can Okta act as an IDP to SailPoint IdentityIQ, then yes if it is a version of IdentityIQ that supports SAML (I think version 7 does, but confirm with the vendor). Older versions only work with header based authentication, so you would need some kind of middleware like Shibboleth to convert the SAML assertion to http headers.

If your question is can SailPoint IdentityNow act as an IDP to Okta, the answer is yes, if IdentityNow can be configured to work with generic SAML applications. Okta can take inbound SAML assesrtions to authenticate users. 

Amara JonesAmara Jones
You can refer to the link below. It contains all the information regarding the Okta Integration with Sailpoint.
Thank you.