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Taylor HuckstepTaylor Huckstep 

Test Delegated Authentication fails

I'm in the very beginning stages of setting up SSO and I want users to use their email and AD password for authentication into Okta and any apps.  I have Delegated Authentication turned on, but when I click "Test Delegated Authentication" it fails to authenticate users.  

I have imported all our users from AD but have not activated any of them yet as I'm in the testing phase before activation.  I assume I should be able to use my own account and test delegated authentication before activating users.  

Not sure what step i'm missing.  I do see the option for AD Password Sync, but it has warnings about being an advanced feature and to reach out to Okta support before enabling it.

Thanks for any suggestions as I'm pretty new to Okta.
Joshua KroezeJoshua Kroeze (Okta)
Hi Taylor,

Thanks for reaching out to the community. In order to be able to test the delegated authentication make sure that you use the full username (not email) of the user that you are testing. 

So: john.doe@mydomain.com instead of john.doe.

Depending on your configuration with AD users can authenticate with their email and password. The "Test Delegated Authentication" is limited to AD username.