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Alberto PrietoAlberto Prieto 

refresh token


I'm trying the authentication code flow of OpenID Connect, and I'm not getting the refresh_token.

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Taylor WellsTaylor Wells (Okta, Inc.)
Information about OpenID Connect can be found in these documents:

If you would like more assistance you can contact developer support at
Anand MogheAnand Moghe
I was having same issue. So I looked at this URL:

Some questions:
So it states that we do not need to setup our Authorization server. So does that mean for my org, I do not need to setup an Authorization server in OKTA and I can use  /oauth2/v1/token  endpoint for getting refresh token ?

(2) Is there a example to retrive the refresh token in PHP?  All I have is client, client crdential, id_token, access_token and authorization_code. Now how will I use this info to fetch the refresh token ?