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Chrome plugin autoupdate process

Our customer uses Okta SSO on a Citrix farm with Google Chrome as the default browser. The Okta Chrome extension is pushed to every user via Windows GPO. We have disabled all Chrome Auto Update functionality because it caused issues on the Citrix servers. How do we now make sure that the Okta Chrome extension is updated frequently for all Citrix users? Does the Chrome Auto Update functionality need to be enabled? Does the Okta extension update automatically when we manually update Chrome?
Bogdan AndrisanBogdan Andrisan (Okta, Inc.)

The Okta Plugin used in Chrome updates itself based on the extensions-update-frequency parameter. 
You can override this by launching chrome with the extensions-update-frequency command-line parameter, which is the frequency in seconds. And you can go to chrome://extensions, tick the Developer mode checkbox at the top right, then press the Update Extensions Now button.
You can also check the current version of the Plugin by selecting it, and checking the bottom right for the version number.
If you have any issues, please feel free to open a support ticket, and we will gladly assist.

Thank you,
Bogdan Andrisan
ADAgent OktaADAgent Okta
Thanks, Bogdan. Unfortunately this doesn't directly answer my question.

Is the Okta plugin update dependent on the Chrome update functionality? Because we have disabled the latter for the Citrix environment.

The methods you mention for manual override seem to be focused on something every user would have to manually. We are looking for an option that would allow a SysAdmin to force that update for all regular users. Is such an option available?

Thanks again!
Edward HollidayEdward Holliday (Okta, Inc.)
Where the issues with the GPO - network bandwidth being consumed by the roaming profiles/ Chrome Okta plugin being copied to each user everytime they logged in & out ?
Edward HollidayEdward Holliday (Okta, Inc.)
If so I wonder if using:
  1. Login policy
  2. Registry
to push out the Chrome SWA plugin would be any better then using GPO ?
Using windows registry to silently install cHROME plugin – note not an okta article
ADAgent OktaADAgent Okta
Edward, I'm not sure which question you are trying to answer but I'm having trouble relating your answer to the question I asked. I don't see what deploying the Okta plugin via registry instead of GPO will do for us that can help with the updates. Deployment via GPO or registry are very much the same in end result.

Please tell me if plugin updates are unavailable when we disable all standard Chrome update functionality.