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Jatin VaidyaJatin Vaidya 

Radius questions


Questions regarding Okta RADIUS setup using agent:

Is it necessary to add the public facing IP address of the organization's VPN gateway to the whitelisted IP addresses on the Okta "Network" page?

Can there be direct connections from VPN clients to the Okta Radius Agent (rather than going through a VPN gateway)? Can you please give an example of this kind of setup?
BehrouzBehrouz (Okta, Inc.) 
Hello Jatin,
It's not necessary to add IP of the VPN to your network zones. But if you have policies that denies access to your Org from any IPs that are not listed on your network, then yes you will need to enter the IP address to your network.
Here is our Radius article that might be helpful:

Thank You,

Behrouz Ghorchi
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
Jatin VaidyaJatin Vaidya
Thanks Behrouz.

Any idea on my question #2 above?