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Daniel WardDaniel Ward 

SAML and Salesforce Integration

When I try to test my API credentials when activating Provisioning I try the test login with my salesforce admin user/pass it fails. Which makes me suspect that I am not being allowed out of okta or salesforce is deflecting the attempted login. When I login to with my admin user/pass from a web browser all fine. I am using an Okta sandbox. Is there anything I need to do to allow okta and salesforce to communication sufficiently to allow the test API creditials to work?
Daniel WardDaniel Ward
To clarify user/pass+token is not validating. I set the federated Id to email addr in salesforce . I have reset my security token and tried a different user acct. My log data in salesforce shows no evidence of a login attempt from okta
Daniel WardDaniel Ward
Use the Okta Production setting that works with Salesforce SAML, the Okta sandbox seems to retrict access to salesforce.
Claudio LichtenthalClaudio Lichtenthal
Daniel: I experienced the same exact symptoms as you... Are you saying that you found that this works for a production Okta environment but not for a developer preview environment???