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Dave PaulsonDave Paulson 

Atlassian cloud app not filling in credentials (user not logged in)

I just installed the Atlassian Cloud app after notification from Okta that the JIRA Cloud (Atlassian) app will soon be deprecated.

I followed the SWA Migration: Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud Migration to Atlassian Account steps outlined in the Okta article at

After entering credentials for the new app, when taken to the login page after launch the fields are not automatically filled in by Okta.  This is the case whether the Browser plugin auto-submit value "Automatically log in when user lands on login page" is enabled or disabled.  The fields just remain blank and are not filled in, causing users not being able to be logged in.  This is the case on both Mac and PC, using various browers incuding Chrome and Firefox.  Using the older JIRA Cloud (Atlassian) app the fields would auto-fill without a problem.  

Any thoughts as to why this might be happening?

Paul AuerPaul Auer (Okta, Inc.)
Thank you for reaching out to Okta Support.

The first thing that needs to be done would be to check if the Okta Plugin is properly working and if you have the latest version of it. You can do this by opening the Okta Plugin (you can do this by clicking on it, in the top right corner of any browser) and trying to access the Atlassian Cloud application from there; the version can be found on the bottom of the Plugin window (the latest version is 5.11).

I would also recommend to check the on-network and off-network policies, as they may have an influence over this behavior. If these steps don't help you fix the issue, we will continue to offer assistance into the support case that you have already opened.

Thank you,

Paul Auer
Technical Support Engineer | Okta
Dave PaulsonDave Paulson
Hi Paul,

Thank you for your comment.  I followed your instructions on checking the Okta Plugin version and we are at version  I also checked under Security --> Network and we do not have any custom configurations setup.