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John FryJohn Fry 

Custom Egnyte Application URL


We've got Egnyte working using Okta SAML SSO. However we want to change the Egnyte URL that Okta has set-up...

When going through the set-up of Egnyte it asks for the customers domain, such as "exampledomain" if the url for Egnyte is

Whilst this works and everyone can sign-on, it's confusing for our users, - as we have a custom "Vanity URL" with Egnyte. For example:

I was wondering how I can get Okta to ensure the user lands on this Egnyte Vanity URL ( and not the one hardcoded in the Okta Egnyte app set-up (

Hope this all makes sense?



Taylor WellsTaylor Wells (Okta, Inc.)
The Default Relay State is the page users land on after a successful SAML login. You can try setting this to the URL you want users to be sent to when logging in. It can be edited on the Sign On tab of your Egnyte app. 
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Per Larsson (ADM)Per Larsson (ADM)
I've tried this approach, but it doesn't work as far as I can tell.

When using Default Relay State, we get the followin error upon sign in:
Failed : Error Message - {error_message= Error occurred while parsing relay data 'https://custom.domain'}
where custom.domain is our vanity URL.

We'd also like a soltion to this. Wouldn't it be possible to allow the "Your Egnyte sub domain" field on the General tab to allow for a FQDN instead of it tacking on a at the end?