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John FryJohn Fry 

Custom Okta Portal URL


We would like a custom URL, such as, as well as the standard

Our Okta sales rep said that Okta call this a "Vanity URL".

I've looked online to see what is needed to set-up a Vanity URL with Okta, but can't find anything.

Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Also, if this is possible, do I need to do anything to change the redirects that happen during SAML SSO apps - that currently redirect to ?


Emanuel CostisorEmanuel Costisor (Okta, Inc.)
Hi John!
Currently, Okta does not support vanity domain URL. However, our product team is taking this feature under considartion.

That being said, you can deploy the Okta sign in widget ( on your own portal for a customized Okta user login experience.