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How do I import using Org2Org source user name?

Currently, I have a HUB org and a SPOKE org.

Irrespective of what I set in the Provisioning > Import section, the import result always results in the user ID and email matching. I want user ID to be mapped to the hub Okta org's login profile attribute. Is this possible?
Emilian AldeaEmilian Aldea (Okta, Inc.)
 Emilian here with Okta's Customer Support Team, thank you for reaching out to us! 
 This indeed can be achieved through Profile Mapping. Here are the steps you have to take:
- From under the Org2Org application's page, go to Provisioning -> Map Attributes;
- You'll be presented with two options (Okta Org2Org to Okta and Okta to Okta Org2Org - the first one being selected by default); we're interested in the Okta Org2Org to Okta, as here we have the attributes which you are importing into the Hub;
- By default, the login is being set by the application - we'll have to override that with mapping;
- If you write down "username" in the dropbox, you'll be presented with the appuser.userName option (as shown in the image below). Let's select that and Save the Mappings, also applying the changes.
User-added image

  Please note that the change will not be affecting existing accounts. It will only be applied to users pending confirmation and users imported after performing the mapping. 

 I've also attached this support article ( better explaining the functionality of Okta's Profile Editor (URL below). 

Thank you for the interest shown in our product!

Best Regards,

Emilian Aldea
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care