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Balaji ParameswaranBalaji Parameswaran 

Cannot push data to the on-premises App.

I've configured the new app using the document given-

Now I'm stuck in one of the last steps mentioned.

The Import option is working fine now as expected, whereas the push operation has some issue while configuring.

we are unable to locate where the option is availble while doing the step - 4. Enable the desired provisioning settings by performing the following steps:
a. From your app, select the Provisioning tab
b. Select the checkbox Enable provisioning for onprem_mysql_app.
c. Select Provision new onprem_mysql_app accounts from Okta.
d. Select Push Okta user profile updates to onprem_mysql_app.
Screenshot for the step is given below.

This image is not available because: You don’t have the privileges to see it, or it has been removed from the system

Becuase of this the push operation is not completed. Can you please help me with this.

​Thanks in advance.
Ezazul BhuiyanEzazul Bhuiyan (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Balaji,

Thank you for contacting Okta support. Based on our details looks like you don't have the "Provisioning" tab not available within the app where you could have got all those provisioing feature options. If you can let us know what is the Okta org you are using I can see on our side whether you have the below feature enabled for your org or not.

ONPREM_PROVISIONING      User Management For On Premise Applications


Ezazul Bhuiyan
Technical Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care
Balaji ParameswaranBalaji Parameswaran
Hi Ezazul,

Thanks for the response!, I've figured out a way to resolve the issue. When the application is assigned to an okta user the data gets pushed.

This option pushes OKTA users to my app successfully!

I've a followup question here, Is is possible to automate this feature?
1. (i.e) I have an Active Directory Synced with the Okta account, the users created in the Active Directory are synced with the Okta periodically(1hr in our case). Okta users are getting created successfully.
2. To push this users to our organisation level we have created a new SWA app and followed the guidelines provided by an Okta agent, the link is -
3. This Push operation is happening successfully when the users synced from active directory is assigned with this application and does not happen automatically/periodically as it is  happening in import now.

Is there any option/configuration available in OKTA to achieve this automation? 

Note: I'm from India, It will be great if there is any option to contact okta support team through mobile. The given number in the website always goes to voice mail box and no one answers. Also is there any specific support email to which I can forward my queries?

Thanks in Advance,
Balaji P.
Ezazul BhuiyanEzazul Bhuiyan (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Balaji,

If I am not wrong with the following Feature you can get the automation option-

ONPREM_PROVISIONING      User Management For On Premise Applications

However, you can always submit a case from your Okta dashboard.
Login as an admin to Okta and from the top right corener click on "Help and Training". From there you can open a case with support.


Okta Technical Support