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Balaji ParameswaranBalaji Parameswaran 

Push Data from Okta(data retrieved from Active Directory) to any SCIM connector.


Is there any way to push the data that is present in Okta(received from Active directory sync) to specific SCIM connector(Implemented with the help of scim example provided by okta)

So far the Active directory sync is done and works perfectly, but how this data can be sent to another SCIM connector? Is there any application to do this feature, or enabling some features in active directory configuration?

Thanks in advance,

Mihai BalasaMihai Balasa (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Balaji,

Thank you for reaching out!

We do have an article in our documentation which covers this - 'On Premises Provisioning Deployment Guide'
URL: https://support.okta.com/help/Documentation/Knowledge_Article/46749316-On-Premises-Provisioning-Deployment-Guide


'The on-premises provisioning feature extends Okta’s provisioning capabilities to on-premises web applications and thick applications that run behind corporate firewalls. Since on-premises applications vary considerably, on-premises provisioning was designed to be modular and flexible. On-premises provisioning supports web-based apps and thick apps, apps with different API versions and languages, and apps with or without Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) compatibility.'

Mihai Balasa
Okta, Tier 2 Technical Support
Balaji ParameswaranBalaji Parameswaran
Thanks for the reply. I've configured the new app using the document given.

Now I'm stuck in one of the last steps mentioned.

The Import option is working fine now as expected, whereas the push operation has some issue while configuring.

we are unable to locate where the option is availble while doing the step - 4. Enable the desired provisioning settings by performing the following steps:
a. From your app, select the Provisioning tab
b. Select the checkbox Enable provisioning for onprem_mysql_app.
c. Select Provision new onprem_mysql_app accounts from Okta.
d. Select Push Okta user profile updates to onprem_mysql_app.
Screenshot for the step is given below.


Becuase of this the push operation is not completed. Can you please help me with this.

Thanks in advance.