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Balaji ParameswaranBalaji Parameswaran 

Sync data from Active Directory to Okta and send the data to another SCIM connector.


I have a very simple requirement, 
1. Sync the users from active directory with Okta.
2. Transfer the data synced(i.e) the data obtained from previous step to another SCIM Connector.

So far the Active directory sync is done and works perfectly, but how this data can be sent to another SCIM connector?
There are many apps like BroadSoft Exchange, ... where there is an option of Provisioning. I've used this option to make contact between Exchange and My SCIM connector and transfer data, but how do I send the data present in Okta which is synced from Active Directory to any SCIM connector?

Elaborate Explanation:
Configuring Okta SCIM connector under Apps Provisioning:
1. In the various application present under the Okta account there is the option for provisioning.
2. For example I've used the application BroadSoft Exchange, I've added this application to my account. Installed the Agent in my client machine and implemented the SCIM Connector provided by Okta. Then under the Provisioning tab, I've added this SCIM connector URL and it gets connected to the client machine.
3. This above setup works perfectly, When I try to import users from okta the users are getting collected through the connector and gets added.

Active directory integration with Okta:
1. I have an Active directory and under the okta login, under active directories I've configured the Active directory.
2. The users from the active directory are getting synced with the okta database.

How to use the data that is synced from Active Directory to Okta to be used by the SCIM connector:
1. In other words how to push the data that is present in Okta now(received from active directory) to any of the SCIM connector which is build through example connector implementation provided by Okta.
2. I'm stuck in this step, I've tried using the SCIM Tester 2.0 but I'm not able to configure it to push the data from Okta to the connector.

Thanks in advance,

Anghel IonescuAnghel Ionescu (Okta, Inc.)
Okta supports SCIM, and the ability to provision Users to external Identity Server (or applications) that support SCIM.
There are two ways to do this, you can use an on-premise agent (provided by Okta), which sends SCIM events from inside your network, or Okta can send SCIM events directly from the Service. 
In Okta, there is a directory (The Universal Directory), you an push any attribute that exists from that directory UD, to the SCIM service.
It is not uncommon for companies to have a legacy IDM system like Oracle/Sun or even Microsoft, and have Okta send SCIM provisioning events to those systems.
Best regards