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Dan RosnerDan Rosner 

How do I using Google as IdP for okta?

I am new to okta.
I want to set up okta/Google integration so that a user authenticates with Google to get access to okta. I need to (1) set up okta to use G Suite as the directory and (2) set up okta so that G Suite is the IdP for okta. 
In the admin interface of Okta, on the Security menu, I see 'Authentication'. There's options for Active Directory and options for LDAP- but we don't have either. We do not use Windows Server / AD at all. We don't have a local LDAP server. Our user identities and credentials are stored in G Suite. 

Note that I see how to configure okta so that Google users log into Google via okta- I see the option to configure okta as the SSO for Google, so that if a user tries to log into Google, they will get the okta login page. We do not want to do this, I list it here to be clear that I see that, but we're not trying to set that up right now. 
Josh SkeenJosh Skeen (Okta)
Hi Dan,

We actually have fairly detailed instructions on how to set up G Suite as an IdP in Okta available here: This is a reference that is off of our main IdP page, which is also available here:

Both of these resources should contain everything you need to help get G Suite set up as an IdP for Okta.

Thank you,

Josh Skeen
Okta Technical Support Engineer
Dan RosnerDan Rosner
I'm a bit confused- I see the API documentation, but I'm not sure how/where to configure this in Okta.
I was expecting that there is a setting in Okta to 'redirect' login requests to Google, and then have Google pass the authenticated session back to Okta.
I went to those links- it refers to how to set up, in Google, a developer/development project. I'm not trying to build something... I'm hoping this is configuration, not coding. (?)
John OmmJohn Omm
@Dan, were you able to implement Google Suite as IdP following the two instructions provided by Josh above?
Stewart GreggStewart Gregg
I'm in the same boat as Dan.  I have searched documentation and found content for how to add a Social and IDP, the only link I can find is for adding and IDP, which only want to add a SAML instance and that does not align to the instructions.  Very frustrating.
Okta Service AccountOkta Service Account
We have the exact same problem. The instructions are not on par with the current Okta UI version and thus the tutorial cannot be followed. Please update the docs.
Brian AndersonBrian Anderson (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Dan, Stewart and John,

The documentation that Josh provided a link to details the steps to perform on the G Suite site, but you will also need to create an Idendity Provider on the Okta side.  This is performed by adding Google as an Idendity Provider in the Security -> Identity Providers page of the Okta Admin Console.

Please refer to our Inbound SAML guide here for more details:

Thank you,
Brian Anderson
KCS Specialist
terraform systemterraform system
We are trying to configure Google IDP with OAuth2 - we've been able to do this on but are unable to do it on our account - only SAML seems to be supported. Can you clarify whether OAuth2 is available on per the document at ?