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Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson 

infinite loop when launching Office 365

We are seeing an issue where users download and install Office 2016 on a Mac and at the Getting Started Page, the user enters their email address, clicks continue but then are directed back to the Getting Started page to start the process all over. 

We have tried uninstalling Office 2016, deleting library files, removing the license (all steps documented from Microsoft etc.) but nothing works. The solution ends up being re-imaging the Mac computer.

Anyone else seeing this issue sporadically? It is difficult to identify the cause. The users are assigned a license and havent reached their device limit, etc. 
Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson
We have also cleared Chrome cache completely 

Here is the article from Microsoft
Dylann FezeuDylann Fezeu (Customer First Programs)

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