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PeerzadaOmar ShabirPeerzadaOmar Shabir 

Splunk cloud okta Integration

Hi Folks,

is it possible to use Okta only for authetication for the Splunk users and leave the role mapping tp Splunk admin ?

The idea is to ensure users are only authenticated through okta Via AD and not use the group role mapping. 
Matt MaherMatt Maher (Okta, Inc.)
Hi PeerzadaOmar, Yes this is possible with Okta. You can use Okta to authenticate users that already exist in Splunk by linking your Okta tenent to Splunk using SAML. You can find more details in our Splunk SAML documentation here: http://saml-doc.okta.com/SAML_Docs/How-to-Configure-SAML-2.0-for-Splunk-Cloud.html. If you have any further questions or would like help with this implementation please open a support ticket with us as we are happy to help!
PeerzadaOmar ShabirPeerzadaOmar Shabir
Hi Matt,

I hope you are from the Okta techical team and you confirmed that Okta can only be used for Authentication. I have raised a case with Okta but without any luck. It seems Engineer working on this case is not certain how to acheive it. How to move ahead?