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Admin Fabian ZoonAdmin Fabian Zoon 

Notice of pending email address change

When a secondary email address is changed, there will be an emails send to the new email address and to the former email address. The email does look like:

Hi <firstname>,
A change..was requested. You will no longer receive email from Okta at <old address>. all future email will be send to <new address>. If you id not make this request, please contact your system administrator immediatly. 

I'm that administrator. But I found it hard to find the account that is changed. You only have a <firstname> to look for. In most cases it is something like a general account and the firstname is not unique. Also, the Okta system log does not show that there is an email send. It is therefore very hard to findout what did happen and by who.

Does someone know a solution for this (other that to turnoff the emails)

Kind regards,
Chris HancockChris Hancock (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Fabian,

I have looked into this issue internally and found an internal ticket to track updates to email templates. Unfortunately we do not have a confirmed date at which these will be made however they should provide some additional context into who the user is. 

With regards to the secondary aspect of the logs for these changes. At this time we do not currently log the secondary email change request, as such, we would recommend raising an idea on the community so this can be upvoted and reviewed by our product team. 

Thank You