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Nicole DotyNicole Doty 

OpenID connect available in the Okta dashboard

We just set up our first OpenID connect apps in Okta, and assigned users don't see the app in the dashboard (though they are authenticating just fine).  As there's an option to upload a logo, I assumed the app would pop up on the dashboard.  Does anyone know if it should?
okta adminokta admin
We had the same issue. Apparently OpenID connect apps do not show in the dashboard. Very annoying.
Duane EdwardsDuane Edwards
I'm having the same issue. If they don't show up in the dashboard, what's the point of giving the option to use OpenID Connect when setting up a chiclet? Is there someplace else an assigned user can access the chiclet?
Melissa testMelissa test
I'm having the same issue with our first OpenID connect application and glad to see this come up in a quick Google search.  I'm about to reach out to support to determine whether this is "working as designed".
Robert Sansom (admin)Robert Sansom (admin)
I raised a case about this.  In your OpenID Connect app definition set the Login Initiated by to Either Okta or App this will allow you to select whether the icon is displayed on the web and or in the mobile app.  You will also need to set Allowed Grant Types to include Implicit (Hybrid).  Worked for us.