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Gowri PokuriGowri Pokuri 

SharePoint add-in

Please help me on enabling Okta SSO for SharePoint apps.
If I configure SharePoint with dual authentication then apps giving me login page to sign-in. But If I configure okta for extended web application only then apps giving an unauthorized error. Please suggest If I am doing anything wrong.
Andy GastonAndy Gaston (Okta, Inc.)

Hey Gowrl,
I'm assuming this is for an On-Prem Sharepoint Server, and from looking at the Deployment guide here:

I see mention of Single Authentication Provider and Mixed Authentication Provider, but do not see extended web application. Perhaps there is a Permission Issue, but its likely best to open a Support Case, so we could troubleshoot the issue and gather necessary details as to what might be causing your issue.

Gowri PokuriGowri Pokuri
Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply. Yes, this is for on-premise SharePoint 2016 server. I did configure as per the link you shared and there were no issues with single authentication and multiple authentication for single web application/zone/URL. As my client wants single authentication and due to search issue with non-windows web application, I have extended web application for Okta. I posted this question to know in case if I am missing any configuration thing or not. However, I have requested my client to open a case. Regards, Gowri Pokuri Sr. Consultant
Gowri PokuriGowri Pokuri
I found the solution. The issue is not with Okta istead issue with App domain configuration. I got help from the following blog.